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December 16, 2017

Vivo Philippines Christmas Video Goes Viral

Earlier this month, Vivo has posted a special Christmas video on their Vivo Philippines official Facebook page. It was a touching story about a brave Filipino soldier who fought in Marawi and his family. And just after 6 days of posting, the video has already generated 41,000 likes, 4,212 shares and had 781,000 views.

In celebration of the spirit of Christmas, Vivo's holiday video represents the true meaning of being a Filipino. It features a widow and her children and their life after they lost their father, who is a soldier, in the war. The story highlights how the greiving mother and wife do her best to tend for her children in Christmas eve.

A group of carolers suddenly shows up in her doorstep and sings "Silent Night". The mother then invites the carolers inside her home but was reminded of her husbands memories as carolers notice the solitary portrait of the father inside.

Vivo Philippines' video is centered in showing how Filipinos always help each other, the importance of family and being together no matter what. Many people who have watched the video commented their sentiments for our Marawi soldiers and gratitude to Vivo for posting a tribute video for about Filipino soldiers and their family.

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