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January 4, 2018

The Laurels: How they Continue to Serve the Filipino People

In the Philippines, when you talk about the Laurel family, most people will remember the president of the Second Philippine Republic, Jose P. Laurel. But unbeknownst to many, the descendants of the former President continue to serve the Filipino people until today. 

Aside from the famous political leaders in the Laurel family, the president's descendants also became established in the business industry. This isn't really surprising as leadership and dedication to their passion has been in the blood for these historical family in the country.

One of the said descendants is Nita Laurel Yupangco. A soft spoken woman who is the only living daughter of the late president Jose P. Laurel.  Her only daughter, Regina Victoria Laurel Yupangco de Ocampo now manages numerous overseas companies like Filremit Corporation, Manila Cargo Express and Manila Express.

All these companies aims to serve all the Filipinos living abroad, especially the overseas Filipino workers. Filremit Corporation provides services to Filipinos who requires assistance in paying the needs of their family in the Philippines while Manila Express provides money transfer and door-to-door monetary deliveries in the country. As for Manila Cargo Express, the company focuses on shipping balikbayan boxes of Filipinos abroad to the people they love back home. 

Regina says their aim is not only to serve the Filipino people but also to help them realize their dreams. Although the Laurels are known for their political career in the Philippines, the family need not be in position to help their fellow kababayan build a better future for their family. And that's what makes the Laurel family a true Filipino that every Pinoy should be proud of.

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