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September 1, 2018

15 Day Special Leave for OFW Spouses with Full Pay Pushed by Lawmakers

The House Bill 7573 that provides a 15-day special leave for spouses of OFW with full pay is being pushed for granting by Bulacan Representative Linabelle Ruth Villarica.

According to her, 7 out of every 10 overseas Filipino workers have a family and millions of households are having a hard time trying to cope with the separation of their family. This includes a father or a mother to her children, a wife or a husband to their partner and even parents with their adult children.

Family members that are left to take care of the household are forced to take heavier responsibilities to compensate for the absence of a family member. For a person to take on a dual role such as a mother and a father makes life a little bit harder to survive so the extra 15 days paid leave will really help a lot.

That being said, Representative Villarica seeks the approval of this bill at the soonest possible time.

House Bill 7573 states every employee who is married to an OFW can avail this privilege by submitting the following information to their employer: spouse name, marriage contract, nature of work of the OFW, and a copy of the OFW's passport.

However, OFW spouse will not be able to use the special leave if they are absent without official leave, on a vacation, sick, forced or study leave, or even those who have already consumed other forms of leave granted by the law. Employees who are also absent due to a serious accident, flood, fire, typhoon, epidemic, earthquake or any disaster are not also allowed to use the special leave for it.

Employers, on the other hand, will also benefit with this House Bill as they will be granted an income tax deduction. Any violators of the House Bill will be fined 25,000 Pesos or 1 to 6 months of imprisonment.

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