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November 13, 2017

Duterte Sings Love Song In Front of ASEAN Leaders; As Requested by Trump

In a short video posted Karen Jimeno on Instagram, President Rodrigo Duterte is seen singing a love song in front of the ASEAN leaders. At the end of his song, he says he had to sing as the President of United States requested it. Although not seen in the video, President Duterte actually sang a duet with legendary Pinoy dive Pilita Corrales.

The video posted was only 45 second long but it shows the President having fun as he serenades all the guest in the gala. He sang the song "Ikaw" (You) which is a classic Filipino favorite. At the end of his song, the President explains “Ladies and gentlemen, I sang uninvited, upon the orders of the commander-in-chief of the United States,”As of posting, the video now has 530 retweets and 852 likes on Twitter.
According to reports, the two Presidents have started to warm up in the ASEAN Summit. And even Donald Trump says he "had a great relationship" with our beloved President Duterte. Both leaders said they are scheduled to speak but will happen privately. However, Harry Roque says their private meeting went well and describes it as "warm and friendly".

Although Duterte is well-loved in the Philippines, other countries perceive him as "Donald Trump of Asia". In addition, Trump has previously praised the President for doing a great job in cracking down the drug problem in our country.

Aside from Donald Trump, ASEAN leaders who also attended the SUMMIT in the Philippines includes 9 other members and Russia, China, South Korea, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, India, and Australia.  All the leaders wore the traditional Philippines top made of pineapple plant fibre.

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