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December 1, 2017

Minimum Wage for Kasambahay Increased in NCR

The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board NCR has just published a new wage order last Friday and it increases the monthly salary of Kasambahays in the country. The new monthly wage is now 1,000 pesos higher, from 2,500 pesos to 3,500 pesos.

According to, the Board made the decision after evaluating and reviewing the current socio-economic conditions of the country and based on studies, deliberation, and public hearings. It is undeniable that cost of living today continue to rise so the wage adjustment for domestic helpers will be a big help for them.

The new minimum wage will be applicable to all domestic helpers, whether they are living with their employers or not. This includes cook, laundry person, gardener, nanny, or any helper who performs work in the house regularly.

However, there are helpers that are exempted from the new wage adjustment namely drivers, service providers, minors under a foster family arrangement and anyone who does work occasionally and not on a regular work basis.

The new order will take effect 15 days after it has been published in the country's newspaper which should happen anytime this December 2017.

There are no reports yet whether the minimum wage of household helpers outside NCR will also be adjusted. However, the cost of living and the number of "kasambahays" in Metro Manila is definitely higher compared to provinces so this is already a good start. And since the new order is expected to take effect this month, this will definitely make this year's Christmas a happier one to our hardworking domestic workers.

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