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April 16, 2018

700 Workers Needed in Canada as Mushroom Pickers for 160k a Month

Canada is now in need of hundreds of workers to be hired as mushroom pickers in their country. The monthly salary for this job starts at 160,000 to 180,000 each month. Many Filipinos are now working in Canada as mushroom pickers and they are very happy with their job.

According to ABS-CBN news, 700 OFW are needed this year that can possibly increase in the following years. Canada is one of the leading countries that supplies mushrooms in U.S. and Canada. so the mushroom industry in Canada is expected to grow in the future. As of today, there are a total of 65 mushroom companies in Canada that farms up to 110,000 tons of mushrooms each year.

In the report posted by ABS-CBN News, Renzi Cacnio shares how he earns more than a hundred thousand pesos each month just by picking mushrooms. He says all you need to do is work hard and observe the best and fastest way to pick mushrooms.

The President of Mushroom Growers of Canada, Ryan Koeslag, shared there are currently 7,000 mushroom pickers in Canada and they need 700 more. The demand for their excellent product is increasing so it wouldn't be surprising if they need more workers next year.

The only requirement they want from mushroom picker applicants is experienced in agricultural work and one who doesn't mind working in the province. Some of Philippine's government official has actually visited Canada to see the potential of this new demand in manpower. They said this is actually a good opportunity for Filipinos instead of looking for a job in middle eastern countries.

For Pinoys interested in applying for this job, just make sure you are applying from a legitimate manpower agency and that they have a job order from POEA. According to recent reports, there are no job orders released yet so interested applicants will have to wait till they are released. For more information, POEA can be reached at 722 1144 or 722 11 55.

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