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April 27, 2018

LTO Upgrades so Drivers Can Now Book License and Registration Renewal Online

The Land Transportation Office is now accepting online bookings to renew the driver's license of Filipinos. In this way, you have a scheduled appointment with your chosen branch which makes the overall process fast and efficient.


According to Top Gear,  LTO is now accepting drivers to set up an appointment on their website. All the person needs to do is choose the day, branch and just wait for their schedule before visiting the office. The website address is where users will be asked to provide information about their motor vehicle and driver's license. An email will be sent to confirm the appointment details.

At the moment, there are only four offices implementing the new digital system and this includes Marikina, Muntinlupa, Novaliches, and Pasig. It is expected that more office in the metro and in the province to also have the same system in the future. However, there is no announcement yet when will the new system be implemented nationwide.

A couple of years ago, it took almost a whole day for a driver to renew his license. Not to mention the backlog of licenses released before where many had to use a piece of paper as their license. This was followed by LTO announcements that they have finally improved their system which will shorten the process of renewing a license to less than an hour.

Although the process did improve, it didn't really take less than an hour to renew a license. Particularly when you renew in LTO branches inside malls. For our team, it took us approximately 3 hours to get our new licenses, far from the promised less than one hour but still better than a whole day. And now, finally, LTO is ready for a digital system where everything is systematic and mostly done online. Hopefully, it will also be done all over the country so everyone can enjoy LTO's new service.

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