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May 10, 2018

TRENDING: Gym Buddies Take On the Boom Boom Challenge

More and more people take on the latest trending dance, Boom Boom by Momoland. And the latest challengers are Pinoy gym buddies in Phuket, Thailand. As seen in the video below, a group of very fit boys dances the latest dance craze simultaneously.

Gym Buddies Boom Boom Challenge
via Chris Wong's Facebook post

The video was posted by Facebook user Chris Wong and tagged 5 of his friends namely Escalona Randolf, Rodolf Escalona, Eric Villanueva Chua, Dominic Martin and Ben Rosagazo. It was captioned with "gym buddies go wild" with the hashtag #boomboomchallenge, #workoutboys #pinoy #vacation #thailand #phuket.

Wong also thanked two of his friends, Tracey Chua and Francine Arcilla for their help. As of posting, the video has already reached 1.8 million views with over 40,000 shares and 43,000 engagements. With this amount of views, it wouldn't be surprising if these boys will be invited in national TV to dance their very cute version of Boom Boom.

Many of the Filipinos who watched the adorable video said the "gym buddies" version of Boom Boom dance is very cute! In fact, many of the comments in the post are tags to the viewer's friends.  For those who have watched the original dance video of Momoland, every dance step by the boys was done perfectly and in the same cute way, the girl group did it.

Boom Boom is a song by one of the most popular girl group in Korea, Momoland. Although the group has already released numerous song, Boom Boom is possibly one of its most famous songs. Many Pinoys have already made their own version of the Boom Boom dance which could be what started the trending #BoomBoomChallenge.

Hopefully, this will not be the last dance number posted by the "gym buddies", whether they are here now in the Philippines or living in Thailand.  Many Filipinos are now surely looking forward to their next dance video post.

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