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May 14, 2018

No More Long Lines at NAIA Immigration: E-Gates are Coming Soon!

Finally, no more long lines at immigration counters for Filipino passengers as e-gates are will soon arrive in Philippines' main international airports. With this new feature, it will only take as fast as 12 seconds!

According to PTV News, the new e-gates will be installed this June in the main airports of Philippines including NAIA Terminal 3, Clark, Kalibo, Davao and Cebu. A total of 18 new units will be installed in the mentioned airports that are said to be inaugurated in June.

This new government project has an allotted budget of 340 million pesos and hopefully all the e-gates will be installed before the end of 2018. BI port operations division chief Red Marinas said the upgrade will not lessen the immigration officers needed as the e-gates can only be used by Filipinos.

Foreigners, tourists, and non-Philippine passport holders will still need to go through immigration officers to be given access in the country. In addition, immigration officers also look around the airport for security purposes.

As of today, almost a hundred immigration officers have been assigned in NAIA Terminal 1, 2 and 3. A total of 373 officers has been employed and an additional 53 is expected to be deployed soon. This will not only make queues in immigration shorter but also process passengers faster.

During summer season in the country, the number of passengers arriving in the Philippines is expected to increase by 12 to 15%. This explains why they recently had to add more officers to the airport.

Something many passengers do not know is that immigration officers need to follow a standard process to make sure each person entering the country have are legally allowed to enter the Philippines. This makes our country a safer place to live in and prevent cases like human trafficking.

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